Out and about.

The year one finished off their 1/2 term with a visit to the Queen’s Hall in Hexham, where they watched a play, “The Tiger who came to Tea”. This story was used by year one in their literacy lesson. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Our last day, breaking the rules was a roaring success and the children entered into the spirit of the day (quite sensibly!!!)

I hope everyone has a great holiday and we are all ready for our final half term in year 1.

Life cycles in Year 1

Can you see how are minibeasts are changing, the caterpillars are growing and we now have froglets sitting on the rock (look closely).


We have also been on a trip to safety works this week and have learned all about safety in the sun, being safe around dogs and water safety.

Minibeasts in year 1.

We have enjoyed completing work on minibeast cycles and have been closely observing changes in caterpillars and tadpoles.

We have also been outside collecting lots of minibeasts in the garden, look at our photos at the top.


First Week Back

Our first week back in the Summer term has already been a busy start…..

We have started our new topic – minibeasts, and have already produced some lovely close observational drawings.

In P.E. we have started a new sport – curling and we are continuing our work on sports skills – throwing, catching and rolling.

We have also started running the daily mile and we are making the most of the sunshine!

The first week back.

On Monday we were working on the reasons for bonfire night and watching a power point all about Guy Fawkes.

We completed some firework art and the children would now like to develop a dance to go with their work!

We have started working on our new text in English – Peace at Last and focusing on  3D and 2D shape in Numeracy.

We have finished our work on the environment this week and will start our new topic on Space next week.

It is anti bullying week next week and we will be completing work and activities, watch this space for photos on our event and remember odd socks on Monday!!!

Welcome to year 1

Everyone has settled in well and we have already produced lots of work from writing about Little Red Riding Hood to number work using Numicon.

We have produced work all about our school for our topic and we are thinking of Christmas already, designing our cards!!


The butterflies are free!

When we all arrived back on Monday we were greeted by 3 painted lady butterflies and by Tuesday all of our butterflies had emerged.

On Wednesday we set them free in the school yard.

Open morning on Tuesday was a great success and with the help of parents some excellent models of George Stephenson’s Rocket were made.

We have also had a busy week with snails! Phoebe brought snails in on Thursday and we observed them closely to see their different features and how they moved, then on Friday Rose brought in some giant African snails and we drew them carefully and shaded our pictures.